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Intro video

[ Pierre Reverdy, the surrealist ] 2019

이미지는  정신의 순수한 창조물이다.

병치된 두 현실의 관계가 멀고도 정확할수록, 이미지는 보다 강렬해질 것이며,

정서적으로 더 강한 힘과 시적 현실성을 얻게 될 것이다. 

The image is pure creation of the mind.

It can not be born from a comparison but from a juxtaposition of

two more or less distant realities. The more relationship between the two juxtaposed realities is distant and true, the stronger the image will be - the greater its emotional power and poetic reality.

Pierre Reverdy, March 1918

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